There is no secret that pretty much every popular game has its cheats and even hacks created. Well, while most of them are pure bullshit, some do work and some even are free and you can download them and hack your favorite game. However, lately I have been noticing one thing – most of the hacks that did work are simply outdated because with each game update developers close loopholes that enabled hack in the first place. So, if you want to get something that really works, you have to spend hours and hours searching web and trying them out. Is very tedious task nevermind that most of them are locked and require you to spend time filling out stupid surveys just to redirect you at the end to some youtube video lol. Oh well.

So, I did a filtered search looking for sites that have updated their game hacks in last month. Out of great many sites out there, catched my eye cause most of their game hacks got updated end of June 2014! So, I wanted to give them a try and here is what I found out:

1. Hay Day Hack

Hay DayI’ve been fan of Hay Day for a long time, really like this game.  Must be inner farmer in me, being a big city boy :D I love the rich graphics and fairly simple and slow paced gameplay. Never liked all those real time strategies or “click here fast” type of games lol. Anyway, I have been playing Hay Day for quite some time now and you know what? There is one thing I really don’t like about it. It’s that you have to pay actual money to speed things up or unlock some premium features. So I tried to download free Hay Day hack from It works, at least I have been able to add few thousand coins and diamonds to my account but I could not unlock levels or get treasure chests or generate any vouchers. Oh well, I think it is better than nothing. Conclusion – Hay Day hack on works only partially.

2. Dragon City Hack

Dragon CityOh, this is almost all time favorite game after Clash of Clans for me and yes, I will admit, I want to silently crack Dragon City and boost my dragons and get those rare eggs hatched. Anyway, claimed on their webpage that Dragon City hack got updated on June 26th, 2014 so I gave it a try. Result – I managed to get only gems and food hacked. For some reason I could not increase gold in Dragon City. Again, partial success but I think it really beats nothing :-). Worth a try!

So, conclusion. I tried out two game hacks from and they did work to some degree which is better than most of that I have tried so far. I don’t play Dungeon Keeper or League of Angels and I’m still waiting for my PS4 to try their code generator but these two still work.

Just a bit of advice from an old hacker :D Don’t overdo it, do not load your accounts with millions of gold – this is sure way to get your favorite game account banned. Add just as much as you need right now and you will be fine!




Complete Guide for Microsoft Points


One of the few things that you might need when you already have Xbox 360 are the Microsoft points and maybe Xbox live gold subscription, but as you already know these codes cost quite a bit of money and that is why we decided to make this short guide about the way you can get these free microsoft points and the benefits of using them. We made similar post about playstation network cards and you can read more there if you own PS3 , but now lets see what Xbox Live is and later we will present to you the microsoft points generator .

Xbox Live

Xbox Live is now become one of the biggest online services for Xbox users and its provided by Microsoft Corporation. It is an online shop and serivce and it is based on allowing their users to buy games and to play online with their friends and to connect. Xbox console was launched in year 2002 and a new version is Xbox 360 which appeared in 2005. In 2007, the service was extended further and allows Microsoft Windowsusers to connect and use this service as well

Microsoft points are a form of virtual currency that can be used on few Microsoft and Xbox websites. You can buy the points by using you CC to get them with real money. Some users do not want to do so because they do not have a credit card or they do not want to leave their information. You can even get these free Microsoft points online via many tools and services. For example there are many sites that offer these points for free. Even though most of these sites are not good, there are certainly some of them that will give Microsoft points in exchange for participating in the give away if you get some entries. This following tool is an example of a good site and how it is used in legit giveaways.

Microsoft points generator is the tool that will be used to calculate these entries and you can find more info about it on and make sure you check out the post about free microsoft points 2013 ,since it provides information and guide how to use the generator and the daily part of the giveaway. This is the image of the tool

microsoft points generator

More about Xbox live and the multiplayer featuresAnother good thing that you can do with Xbox live codes is that it will unlock many online features. Without it you will not be able to play in multiplayer against your friends. Like the Microsoft points most of the tools for these codes are set up online.

For instance you can purchase xbox codes from the particular website which has a license to market them as it is illegal to market and buy Xbox 360 live codes which licenses are just given underneath the authorization of Microsoft. You will find also other websites that may provide you with these codes, yet it’s suggested that you pay the cash once you are sure that it’s actually legit.

Nexussoftware Review of this post:

This post mostly explains what MS points are and then how you can get them for free using microsoft points generator from Giftcardsbay and you can download generator here along with guide how to use the giveaways provided by this host. If you ask me this is much better then finding anything that hacks you Xbox live.

This blog post was originally posted on Undergroundsolution and you can go there to see it along with the video and other media. We posted it here with permission to add our editorial opinion :

Since the beginning of 2013 there was much advance in terms of emulator stability, performance and overall speed at which the games run when emulated on PC. Of course not all emulators are same in their ability to run games at maximum graphics and resolution. Development of each of these emu’s is different and requires people and programmers with different skills. (more…)

Editors impressions:

Playstation 3 Emulator

While looking for news about latest console emulators i found this interesting post from Garythegeek’s website and i posted and edited it a bit here with his permission. The post itself talks more about the latest advancement in emulator development and one of the most popular emulators for Playstation 3. This software was designed back in 2012 but it was released for wide public in 2013 and while there is always room for improvement it looks an interesting solution. Here you can read the rest of the original post , i am sure you will find it interesting:

We all know how the development of emulators started back in 20th century and it was not enough for the gamers to just play older gamer , usually 5 or more years older console games so they become available as emulators on PC. Today’s gamers want more then to play super mario from SNES and SEGA , or even playstation 2 games for that matter. Dont get me wrong , ps2 games are still awesome and the developers of ps2 emulator did the great job on it since it now supports most of the ps2 games ,and until the ps3 emulator is finished you can enjoy all those great games from playstation 2.

When the developers of original ps2 emulator started working on it it was a mess i have to admit , and i watched that project closely from the beginning , it was not looking good , but after couple months many new developers and senior programmers started joining the team and soon after it become a really good and enjoyable tool that allowed you to play most of the older games that were on the ps2 console back then. The most important thing happened when some of the main developer members cracked the bios file and it was no longer needed to run as a simulation , it could be run as a standalone and allowed them to run the emulators from much lower end PC’s then before and it no longer had graphic errors or similar bugs . The frame rate drastically improved over the old version. Now that the ps4 is announced the team is preparing to start another project and this time it is the ps3 emulator for PC. You may ask why PC , well its most stable platform and most usual to work with , since most of the gamers use Windows rather then mac. So far there are only beta versions and some games even work on high end PC , but the same process is awaiting the programmers as with older consoles.

Most of the time when the bios is cracked the emulator is supporting the 80-90% of the games but that can take a while. Today since we have access to such powerful machines and computers we can run many ps3 games on PC even with standard version of bios , the frame rate is not idea but it works and you can play the games.

So far there is one version that can run some of the playstation 3 games and you can find it on ps3 emulator download page from . They are one of the older groups for emulator development but they didnt release many software recently , they started on these new projects just a year back and you can already see some results.

PS3 emulator for PCPS3 emulator for pc and mac – the Uncharted gameplay

Gameplay on this version the the playstation 3 emulator is achievable if you have a good PC and all you need to do is the run the plugins and configure it as you like according to your graphic card and processor.

Same process goes for Nintendo consoles and Xbox 360 , and we think that high end console emulators are indeed possible you just have to wait it out for a bit until the correct solution for bios is found and maybe some new plugins to make it compatible for both pc and mac as well as most of the graphic cards.

Check out our latest post about the updates of emulators for 2013 and read more about all emulators , for PS3 , Xbox 360 and 3DS, that will be maintained and updated in 2013. Earlier this year we also made a post about what do we personally expect in 2013 regarding emulators for Ps3 and xbox , so feel free to read these if you are interested in whats coming.

If you never saw Nintendo 3DS or at least its older brother , the Nintendo DS console then you might be wondering what they are. Several years ago one of the first console developers , Nintendo, released one of it’s most popular consoles called DS and few years after that the 3DS , which featured Stereoscopic 3D effect which was amazing until the true 3D came out. There 2 consoles were really popular for emu developers and in this review post we will mention 3DS Emulator and others.

Nintendo 3DS

Emulator software was developed as soon as first consoles came out , and it allowed you to run games cross-platform ,which means that you can run games designed for console on your PC or different console. Of course PC’s were not so advanced back in the day and emulators were used to play games on different types of consoles. More popular emulators that were made were for SNES , Game boy and Game Boy Advance . But development of consoles , computers and with them emulator software never stops so today we have ability to run games made for PS3 , Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS on PC. Designing such software is always slow , since its most important to have a working BIOS for the console that the emulator is made for. Earlier this year we were given a chance to test 3DS Emulator for PC and it looks really interesting. It was in a beta phase for the second half of 2012 and now its released as full version , with much improved graphics and frame rate.

Review of Nintendo 3DS Emulator:

3DS Emulator for PC

The emulator that we tested was released in January 2013 and since then it had many updates for BIOS and Plugins resulting in much better gaming experience overall. You can read more about it on and of course download it with all the resources that you need. When we tested it earlier this year it was not working for all systems and for all graphic cards , but today after it had several updates , its working for most processors and GPU . When you download it you will be prompted to download the 3ds emulator bios and you can do it automatically from the Emu itself. Then all you need to do is to run the Nintendo 3DS Rom that you want to play , and configure your controls. Most of the time it works with default settings and controls . But if you prefer to have it customized there are many options for that once the game is running. You can also change resolution and options for second screen for your 3DS.

Here you can also watch the tutorial and how the emulator for 3ds works step by step, the options were not covered but you can read about it on official website.

Nintendo 3DS Emulator Download & Tutorial from Patrick S. on Vimeo.

If you would like to try Nintendo DS games on Android OS as well , you can also check , Android is known to support this type of software well. Here you can also read more in our new post about ps3 emulator and judge for yourself about how good it really is.

We love to think that we help our members with these guides and one of the most interesting ones that we made is regarding Free Playstation network codes. We especially like PSN over Xbox Live because its made better and its more user friendly. We are also thinking to make some sort of guide for these Microsoft points as well but this time we will give you an update regarding the PSN.

Before , in 2012 we made a guide about it and you can read more about it on free psn codes tutorial post but since we noticed some really nice updates we will post it here and you can have a better insight about it for 2013. If you didnt know already PSN Cards are used to buy many sorts of virtual goods on PSN Store, and you can even purchase upgrades and DLC’s for the games with the credits that you have on your account. But i guess that you already know that if you are reading this post. What we noticed is that giveaways are the best choice for getting these codes for free since its 100% safe that the codes you redeem will not get deleted. This is because these cards are bought by real people and donated in exchange for ads on the website that is hosting it.

One of the most importatnt changes that were made is bringing the monthly and daily giveaway , that is run via psn code generator , together , and many users do not realize that if they get activity for premium , they will actually get bonuses for generator. So for example you want to increase your chance to win in premium giveaway by liking and tweeting , great , but that will also allow you to get secondary database which has more codes each day, which makes it perfect. The actual software was made during the year 2012 and had many updates since then. Its best that you can read about it on official blog post . Here is how the first version looked like .

PSN Code generator

Those are the main updates that we noticed in this year for the psn code generator , you can use both versions but i think that v2 looks much better and it has better UI .

With the year of 2013 we are expecting to see even more music streaming services arriving all over the world and not just Spotify and iTunes. There are many candidates that have similar features as these two giants but there is no reason not to pay a little bit of attention to those services as well. For now iTunes is holding fast and Spotify is really close to it in regards to number of subscribers. Both services have premium features for paid members and if you are one of the lucky ones that can get a hold of some free spotify premium codes you will be in love with its features and will not go back to iTunes paid subscription again. Lets talk a bit more about what these two streaming services are offering and later in the post we will explain how to get spotify premium account for free and some tips in general. Lets see the never ending comparison of Spotify vs iTunes.

iTunes is made by Apple inc and is one of the music streaming giants that offers you a great way to stream , listen music online and watch videos . But the bad thing is that if you want to download music to your phone or pc you will have to buy that song because iTunes really respects the rights of song owners or wants to make some money from it, i think its both . There are number of iTunes gift cards available that you can use to buy songs and other stuff.

Spotify started a bit later then iTunes but still managed to make an amazing progress when it was introduced on US market. And there is no reason not to love it , it has many of the features of iTunes and some of them are even better , such as allowing you to download music and play it offline on your PC or phone without paying for songs , but that is only available for paid members who have spotify premium account. It is also available on many more devices including Android , and Apple doesnt want to provide iTunes for android for some reason.With  Spotify premium you will be able to listen to music with much better bitrate then free users and you will most likely like it more then any of other services once you have premium account. You can buy it via credit card or you can obtain Spotify premium code either by buying it online from many vendors and shops and then using it on your account or you can give the codes to your friends. There are some ways you can get it for free and we will explain this now.

Spotify premium account

Spotify premium account comaprison

How to get Free Spotify premium code

Free Spotify premium codes

Since Spotify has become so popular there are number of sources that claim they can provide these codes for free , some make a giveaway and that is usually the best way. While searching the web for the most interesting solutions we found some that are not so effective while others are good. The most interesting of them all is the one on and their free spotify premium software . The really good part is that they are now allowing their members to access the separate servers and get more then one code at a time . There are many tutorials for using this generator and the basic thing to know while using it is to always get the fresh database , thats what we hear from most of the members and they claim it works best that way. There were some problems with mac users but developers claim it will be fixed soon . We also want to post a nice video tutorial about it to help you start.

Free Spotify Premium Code Generator -Tutorial from Tony James on Vimeo.

We think that this post sums up almost everything that you need to know about the most important music streaming services and that you will enjoy them at its full capacity , especially Spotify now that you know how to get free premium account.


If you own a playstation 3 and if you ever wondered how to get Free PSN codes this is the right tutorial for you . in this tutorial and review we will cover the basics about playstation network cards and what psn code generator is and what is it used for. So what is the playstation network ?

Playstation network

Sony made PSN for to make it easy for their members to buy latest games and expansion packs directly online without the need of going to retail shop. You can even interact with your friends over playstation network , chat and play multiplayer games together on your playstation 3 , PSP  or PlayStation Vita. You can buy latest releases from playstation network using the PSN Codes which can be from 10$ to 50$ . These points can be used to buy anything from new games , DLC’s and expansions . These codes can be quite expansive if you like to buy much games like most of the gamers do and the good question is how to get free PSN codes . There are a lot of possible ways to gain psn cards for free and doesnt involve much work whatsoever . We would like to show you our tutorial which will help you get your Free psn codes almost every day . The key to this are online giveaways. These types of giveaways use the software called PSN code generator to distribute the codes to their members according to their activity . So lets see what it really is and get into the detail .

free psn codes

What is PSN code generator ?

This tool is used in some types of online giveaways to see which member is the most active and calculate if he can get the free psn codes at the end of the day . We were given exclusive access and talked with one of the developers Johny D. and he said that the main reason for introducing the activity system is to give the most active members better chance of winning the free psn cards and still give other members a fair chance . Some of the most active ones will be rewarded instantly and the psn code generator sends them the email notification and the code .

The idea for this type of giveaway is made by suggestions from the members was put to action about a month ago . It proved to be a complete success as members gave much better feedback and said that using the new psn code generator is much easier and many of active members now receive their well deserved psn codes more often . This is how the first and second version look like .

Psn code generator

Psn code generator v1

PSN card generator

PSN card generator v2

In this specific giveaway type the free psn codes are bought by sponsors and given the the host to distribute them to members as they see fit. This is important because it is not possible to maintain a long giveaway without the help of the sponsors and we know it . To test it out we assigned 2 of our writers to join the daily giveaway and see how the psn code generator works and whats the best way to use it .

After joining we decided to increase the chance of winning by liking one of the pages to gain entries and after downloading the database we entered the giveaway with our email address only and the first day we won our first free psn code in this giveaway . We redeemed it at the psn store without any problems and bought couple of playstation games . The best tips that we can give you is that sharing and tweeting has a good effect on the outcome of the daily giveaway and will give you better chance to win . It is a great website that offers much and if you ever need free psn codes make sure you check out these giveaways and get a psn code generator v2 at the official post at . We are satisfied with it and until we find something else to review this is our recommendation .

News : We recently found out that giftcardsbay is merging with and they also made the new psn code generator online for the purpose of new giveaways which would allow many new members that previously could not use it on desktop to join the giveaways as well .

World of Warcraft Bot Reviews

World of Warcraft Bot Reviews

World of warcraft is the most popular MMORPG game and one of the most popular games of all time . Its been around since 2004 if i am correct and at the peak of its time it had over 25 million subscribers. The best thing about this game is that it gives you the freedom to develop your character according to your liking and progress through the immense and large maps over 3 and 4 continents with Mists of Pandaria expansion . With every expansion pack there was a huge demand for materials like hides, ore and herbs while the players are leveling their professions and its not very easy to obtain those materials when there are 200-300 players on the map collecting it . Even if you want to buy the materials at the auction house you need to have a large amount of gold to buy it since its expansive . If you ever wandered how can you get huge amount of gold and materials for your professions and even level up your character fast , then the wow bot is your solution.

WoW Bot Review

There were a lot of bots in the market over the years and only couple of them left . We will cover some of the best ones and mention some of the not so good ones .

WoW Glider

MMO Glider was the first bot and it was at that time the best one . But when blizzard entertainment sued them and they lost they had to remove it from the market. It was non the less one of the best bots available . it was tough to make profiles for it and it was not so perfect at gathering .


Pirox PvP Tool is one of the best bots ever made , it was easy to use and the profiles for it were amazing . but it suffered the same fate as mmo glider and had to shut down their service .


Now we come to the only good bot that is still alive and kicking against blizzard . It has all the best features of glider and pirox and makes almost perfect wow bot . It uses the mesh system which makes its movement stuck-free and almost human like . The Custom Class system makes the combo and skill rotations great as well offering high dps in raids and when using the bot solo . The profiles are not that hard to make but still harder then those with pirox pvp tool . It uses a lot of injection , let me explain what that is first , its when the bot injects memory of the wow and changes some its properties which some of its users think leads to ban . But usually that is not the case as most of the bans are due to player reports so it should be safe most of the time . Honorbuddy has a lot of features as well , from simple Grind bot to Arch bot , Profession buddy (profession bot), BG bot (Battleground) and to the most important and best in my opinion Gatherbuddy. It was first a standalone gathering bot but its now a part of the honorbuddy package. HB Forums offer a great source of profiles and customer support from the moderators . The only real problem i see in it is the price as it comes by hefty 25e /session (1 session= 1 account at the time) and 3 sessions for 60 euro . There is a honorbuddy cracked version we found on Ezhacks , you can check it out , there is a good post about it and what it does .You can use the cracked hb version to check how it works and if you like it you can buy it at Honorbuddy website

The Noob bot

This bot is just recently made and it looks like it can make some progress , but its still in development so its not perfect , but worth mentioning . The noob bot claims that they do not use as much injection in their  . The problem is , gathering and some other features do not work that well without injection. Non the less a worthy mention and a good alternative to honorbuddy.Combat system looks great in this bot.

Shadow bot

We tested this Shadowbot briefly and were not so moved by it . Looks like they made it 100% passive meaning no injection at all and that made the gathering so sloppy . Combat system works good .


While all of the bots offer some pro’s and con’s the winner here is Honorbuddy without a doubt , for me personally and what is saw previously Pirox is the best one of all time . But for now if you dont have the money for honorbuddy there are some alternatives you can choose . I hope you enjoyed our WoW Bot Review 

Steam Controller: Developers Weigh In

Following Valve’s announcement of the Steam Controller last week, many people were left asking the same question: what will it feel like?

While IGN probably won’t get its hands on Valve’s first hardware for some time, we reached out to a few developers who have already been lucky enough to test out the prototype. It’s still early and the final controller hasn’t been finished (as Valve mentioned last week, these protoypes “have four buttons in place of the touch screen and require a USB cable”), but these early thoughts give us our first insight into exactly how Valve’s controller might change gaming moving forward. (more…)

Apple iOS 7


  • Pros

    Heightened security. Fresh design. Wonderful improvements to Control Center, Notification Center, and multitasking bar. Can download over Wi-Fi. Free. (more…)

Xbox One SmartGlass helps you with your gaming

While we knew SmartGlass could be used to handle matchmaking on Xbox One, Microsoft hasn’t said much else about the next iteration of the second-screen experience. In an interview on Xbox Wire, Microsoft general manager Ron Pessner promises a more responsive app that connects to Xbox One within four seconds – over three times faster than the Xbox 360 app.

Up to 16 SmartGlass devices can connect to a single Xbox One console, though it’s unknown how that functionality will serve anyone or what it will be explicitly used for. The improved app also presents the opportunity for smart devices to be used as game controllers, though again there’s currently no direct example of that being employed right now. And SmartGlass will naturally act as an extension of Xbox Live when away from the console, allowing users to communicate with friends, check Achievements, watch Game DVR videos and access the Xbox Games Store.

Putting a bow on the SmartGlass package is Game Help, a new feature for developers who publish on Xbox One. When publishing a game, developers must submit a help manual that will aid players contextually either directly in-game or through SmartGlass. “In front of your console, you can say, ‘Xbox: Help!’ and then it will appear on the console,” Pessner toldEngadget in a separate interview. “Or in SmartGlass, you can click on the Help icon and then it will just tune into exactly what you’re doing and present the right help content for you.” This aid also applies to apps outside of games, in case you’re having trouble navigating the tricky waters of Internet Explorer. (more…)

When it launched last year, Xbox Music was trapped in a Microsoft-only ghetto. Starting today, Xbox Music will expand its reach to hundreds of millions of mobile users with Android and iOS apps. And that’s just a piece of the update it’s getting leading up to the new app for Xbox One. Here’s what to expect from the service on your computer, your phone, and the new console. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5s vs iPhone 5c which is for you

We use the term loosely, but the iPhone is no longer a “one size fits all” smartphone. Today’s Apple event marked the introduction of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and beyond price, the two devices are separated by several unique features. Considering your own desires for gaming, photography, security, style — and yes, your budget — it’s likely that one phone is a better fit for your needs. So join us after the break as we explore the finer points of Apple’s latest smartphones. (more…)



Apple iPhone 5S

Apple just announced its newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 5S, and already the commentary is flying. Did Cupertino do enough with the new model? How is that fingerprint sensor going to work in real life? And most importantly—how does the iPhone 5S compare to current leading smartphones? (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch hands-on (video)

Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch handson video

Wrist watches, smart or otherwise, are simply not for everyone — there are more smartphone users in the world, many times over, than there will ever be smartwatch owners. Despite the limited market for such a device, however, Samsung’s decided it’s time to join in on the fun. The Galaxy Gear, as we’ve known it to be called for a few weeks now, was hardly guarded with a level of secrecy that’s become standard for a flagship smartphone, but as the device is finally official — and expected to launch in more than 100 countries within weeks — just how does it perform? Find our take after the break. (more…)

The Games for Windows Live Marketplace is closing this month. Microsoft has detailed the rhyme and reason as well as what this means for PC players:

“As part of the recent Xbox 360 system update, Microsoft Points will be retired and the PC Marketplace will be closed as of August 22, 2013,” Microsoft explains. “We encourage you to spend your Microsoft Points balance prior to this change. Although you will not be able to purchase new games, you can continue to enjoy previously purchased content by downloading it through the Games for Windows Live client software as usual.” (more…)